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What do I teach?

I am able to give private 1-1 lessons online or in person on the following instruments:

Cello: Beginner - Advanced (Grade 8+)

Piano: Beginner - Intermediate (Grade 5)

Voice: Beginner - Advanced (with a focus on Musical Theatre) 

Music Theory: Grade 1 - Grade 8

Access to Music: (0-3 y/o Music Workshops) Not available online

Teaching Policy

The first lesson will be treated as a consultation/assessment lesson to determine a good fit between student and teacher.


A successful fit would include: commitment to regular practice (expected length of practice sessions to be determined based on playing level of the student) to ensure maximum progress between lessons.


If a child (under 16) the support of the parent is crucial to the learning process. Willingness to supervise practice sessions at home, in addition to ensuring a regular practice routine is established, is essential. A very good article about ensuring a good attitude to practice can be found here.


Of course, it has to be a mutual decision! The student (and if applicable, parent) decide if they wish to accept the place.


Complete beginners: this will essentially be their first cello or piano or singing lesson. Students will be given the necessary information about equipment, practice, and my teaching style. If you choose to learn with  me, you must source your own instrument for the next lesson as my instrument cannot be taken away. See below for help sourcing rental cellos. Thwaites Rental

Covid 19 Online Teaching

Due to the current Government advice for us to all limit travel, I am now offering private lessons via video call from the 23rd March 2020. I have been phasing this in through students that have already gone into isolation, and found it a really productive and positive experience!

I will be teaching through the platform ‘‘ – click the link to register for a free account. I have chosen this platform as (after many trial and error with other platforms) it seems to have the best sound quality, and is the most practical in terms of scheduling and safeguarding. Once you have registered an account, please email me to let me know what email address you have registered it with, and I will send you a ‘meeting request’ at the time of our upcoming lesson.

 Interested in starting some Lessons? Get in touch! 

Thanks for submitting!

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